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Instantly enhance your look with more length, volume, or texture with Elle's Hair Extensions. I'm a local and fully certified mobile hair extension technician and i'll transform your hair in the comfort of your own home. I'll travel to you anywhere in South Yorkshire covering Wakefield, Barnsley, Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster.

I Specialise in the latest techniques of Weave, Micro-loop and Braidless Weave hair extensions. I use the highest quality Remy, 100% human hair product which I will customise to your own hair to create a great look. Whether you are wanting your hair poker straight, wavy, or full of curls together we will create hair you will be proud of.

Which Extensions?


These types of hair extensions are applied in quite a unique way, where the natural hair is braided into a corn row (hence the name 'weave') and the extensions are attached using a needle and a thread of cotton. What's great about weave hair extensions is that they cater to all hair types. Weaves last about three months with maintenance. This will take about 45 mins to an hour if you have half a head just to lengthen the hair and give it some thickness and volume. I also do full head weaves this is when none of your own hair is visible and we make are own closure at the top so you could have any colour you like without no damage to your natural hair this takes up to 2 to 3 hrs to do and last about 2 to 3 months and depends on how fast your hair grows.


Braidless weave

The braidless sew-in is said to eliminate bulkiness throughout the hair, leaves no lumps or bumps, and gives more flexibility with styling. Because your hair is not braided down, there is more breathing room for the scalp, which allows thorough cleansing when washing your hair. The Braidless weave is a beautiful, undetectable type of hair weft. The braid less weave extension also allows you to wash your hair thoroughly as normal with no bulging, tightness, or itchy scalp. 

Braidless Weave


These are applied by looping the extensions through natural hair and clamping it down with a metal bead to finish. An added benefit to this is that you can scrape your hair up high on your head and it still looks great with no sign that your hair is anything other than natural.


Hair Braiding

Box Braids

Box Braids are single plaits which can be done on your own hair using extensions to make the hair longer. Extensions can be added to your natural hair in any colour (including Ombre) to enhance your look. It will take between 4 to 8 hours to complete the look but timings for your own hair would be given on consultation.

Box Braiding

Box Braids look fantastic and are really low maintenance so are they particularly great for holidays or festivals. Box braids are also really good for if you are wanting to grow your hair.

I offer this service both for adults and children, prices available on request.


When you have had your hair extensions fitted do not wash your hair for the first three to five days to allow your scalp to settle. Remember to brush the extensions carefully to prevent loosening and damage to the connections holding them to your hair. Harsh treatment will also put strain on the natural hair root. A Tangle Teezer brush, hair extension brush or wide toothed comb is recommended for use on your hair extensions.

Wash your hair extensions once or twice a week only. If you need to cleanse your scalp use Batiste Dry Shampoo between washes. You can wash the top area if this becomes greasy, as the hair extensions will not be applied to the crown area. Always use a good clarifying shampoo and conditioner. If you have bonds avoid conditioning the bonded area, work the conditioner in the hair from mid length downwards. Add a little serum to the wet hair before drying, to allow your comb to glide easily through the hair and give beautiful bounce. Always use a heat protection spray when straightening hair to create a protective barrier against the heat.

Moisturise every other day with serum as hair does not receive your natural oils so you need to add moisture. If you do not moisturise your hair extensions they will become dry and brittle leading to breakage and split ends. Only a small amount of product is needed, avoid saturating the hair and making it limp and greasy. Wash in between the braids to keep your scalp clean.Never go to bed with your hair extensions wet, this will cause matting and tangling. Do not bleach, dye, perm or chemically straighten your hair extensions as they may become damaged.

Do not bleach, dye, perm or chemically straighten your hair extensions as they may become damaged as they have already been treated before fitting. Braid your hair and use a soft bobble at night to prevent your hair from tangling and always brush out all knots before you wash your hair, swim or sleep. If you like to swim, always shampoo and condition afterwards as chlorine dries your hair out and will soften the bonds and make the hair extensions loosen.

Finally, visit your technician every four to six weeks for maintenance visits to help with longevity. Hair extensions should not be worn longer than a three-month period as this will result in matting and tangling. Hair extensions are fun, fashionable and sexy and your hair is your beauty so enjoy!

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